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Coworking Café healthy in the Gare Saint Jean district of Bordeaux

With its new concept of sugar-free coworking, the SugAr free coworking café opened its doors in Bordeaux!

The coworking café is less than 10 minutes walk from the Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station and downtown Bordeaux.

Flexible and comfortable coffee coworking

SugAr free is a coworking café in Bordeaux which allows nomadic workers to develop their projects in a modern and friendlyplace less than 10 minutes walk from the Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station.

Comfortable and flexible, our coworking café has 69 places suitable for all kind of coworkers: individual offices, semi-insulated areas, meeting rooms, terraces, relaxation areas…

To make your coworking day as pleasant as possible, we provide a healthy, local, seasonal and sugar-free drinks and snacks self-service.

Sugar free coworking café bar in Bordeaux
Coworking café workspaces in Bordeaux
Coworking café meeting rooms in Bordeaux

A Coworking café adapted for all kinds of coworkers

workspace in coworking café in bordeaux

Rental of workspace

Whether renting by the hour or for longer periods, enjoy great flexibility during your days with workspaces adapted for your desires and needs.

Book your workspace at the coworking café by the hour, day or month.

rental meeting rooms coworking café in bordeaux

Rental of meeting rooms

Take advantage of the confidentiality of our 4-6 capacity meeting rooms equipped to organize your corporate events, brainstorming, business meetings, training etc.

Rent a meeting room for 4/6 people in our coworking caféby the hour, half-day or full day.

Privatization of coworking café in Bordeaux

Privatization of the coworking

Privatize coworking partly or totally for your events.

Parking space rental bordeaux

Parking space rental

Rent a secure parking space in the heart of the Urban Art district.

The home base of your company in coworking café in Bordeaux

Domicile my company

Domicile your company commercially and fiscally in our coworking café in Bordeaux Domicile my company

Coworking Café services

Private terraces coworking café in bordeaux

Private terraces

Handicapped accessible coworking café in Bordeaux

handicapped accessible

Computer equipment coworking café in Bordeaux

Computer equipment at your disposal

Air-conditioned coworking café in Bordeaux

Air-conditioned coworking area

Shower coworking café in Bordeaux


Fabrication laboratory coworking café in Bordeaux

Fabrication laboratory

Coworking Café Events

SugAr free is a coworking café in Bordeaux that promotes sharing and exchanges through recurring events such as conferences, meetings, workshops, exhibitions and company presentations.

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