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Woman and leader in 2019

On June 6, our first SugArmeet had as its theme "Woman and Leader in 2019". For the occasion, we brought together four speakers from different backgrounds so that they could tell us about their experiences as women leaders. From left to right: Alexandrine BRETON,...

The right to disconnect: a chimera?

Since the so-called "Labour Law" of 8 August 2016 in France, a right to disconnection is theoretically applicable to all employees. In practice, it's more complicated than that. The right to disconnect among teleworkers A report by Bruno METTLING, commissioned by the...

Workplace caring is the essential element of QWL

According to a study carried out by the firm Stimulus, which specializes in the field of well-being and health at work, a quarter of French employees experience a state of hyperstress that puts their health at risk. Faced with this worrying observation, experiencing...

Healthy Coworker: SugArfree tips

Are you feeling a little worse? The SugAr free team gives you some tips on how to be a fit coworker! A healthy mind in a healthy coworker A healthy coworker means a healthy lifestyle! For this reason, be careful what you consume. First of all, we try to limit...


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