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On June 6, our first SugArmeet had as its theme “Woman and Leader in 2019”. For the occasion, we brought together four speakers from different backgrounds so that they could tell us about their experiences as women leaders.

Woman and leader in 2019
From left to right: Alexandrine BRETON, Marie YAKITE, Camille DELEDALLE and Virginie TURON

What is it like to be a woman leader in 2019?

For Camille, being a woman in 2019 is “awesome.” We are in the golden age of women’s place in society.

ForMarie, she told herself at the beginning of her career that being a man was better in the professional world, that the chances were higher. It is, therefore, thanks to this way of thinking that she has surpassed herself. Indeed, she has given herself more to prove that a woman could lead just as much as a man. For her, “work” and “passion” are synonyms.

We are in the golden age of women’s place in society.

Camille Deledalle

Alexandrinegrew up in a very masculine world, that of the automobile. She therefore never asked herself whether it was better to be a woman or a man. The woman is, in his eyes, more sophisticated and interesting than the man.

ForVirginie, being a woman means having the opportunity to lead several lives, including the life of mom and business leader.

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Why undertake?

ForVirginia, undertaking has been a project for years, you just had to wait for the right moment to get started. Having and creating new projects is the realization of a dream.

In the case of Camille, having travelled for several years, she has been enriched by all these discoveries. When he returned to France, a meeting triggered everything One of these motivations to undertake was also the desire to regain more freedom in the organization of work, in order to better manage professional and family life.

The desire to undertake had been part of Marie for several years, this desire has been the driving force in the creation of her associations. The desire to create came from the desire to “realize yourself”.

For Alexandrine,the motivations were relatively different. Not wanting the family business to stop living, it was natural for her to take over from the management of the company.

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The difficulties encountered for a woman leader in 2019

To create is to show the ability and prove that one is capable.

Marie Yakity

For Virginie and Camille, when you are a female leader, the hours of work are much more numerous than for an employee. For example, even in cases of illness, absence from work is very complicated. They did not feel any particular difficulties because they were a woman.

Marie, on the other hand, felt some difficulties because of being a woman, and especially a woman of color. Indeed, “a woman of color must make ten times more than a white man to reach the same level.” To create is to show the ability and prove that you are capable.

Alexandrine notes that “the higher you go up in the hierarchy, the fewer women there are.” As a member of the Femme forum club, a network of women recognized as references in their field, Alexandrine realizes that most women with high responsibility are because they have set up their own structure. However, very few women have positions of responsibility in the structure of others.

The higher up the hierarchy, the fewer women there are.

Alexandrine Breton

The advantages encountered

For Alexandrine,women are more enduring and even “manipulative” in the sense that they are more tactical. They will tend to take roundabout paths to achieve their goals, they will not necessarily go through the most logical paths. Women know where they want to go and they will do anything to get there. However, women need to pay more attention to their behavior than men. Indeed, they tend to misinterpret women’s signals.

Women are able to wear different caps.

Virginia Turon

Virginie believes that women are more empathetic and supportive than men But in his eyes, mentalities are changing and men are more and more like that as well. However, one thing that women master more than men is the ability to wear different caps. Women have a capacity for adaptation, and a greater ability to bounce back than men. For her, a woman must learn to preserve others, such as customers, or collaborators, but also herself.

Marie finds it a strength to be both a mother and an entrepreneur. However, she would like to highlight her husband, who supports her on a daily basis in her challenges. Being a woman also means having a great ability to adapt in different situations, or being able to do several tasks at the same time.

Camille expresses that women tend to be more flexible than men, especially in their relationships with others.

What is performance?

For Virginia, performance can be defined as “outperforming oneself.” It also means putting all the means in place to achieve this.

For Camille, it would be more like “differentiating” by making the difference from others

For me performance is efficiency.

Alexandrine Breton

Marie believes that performance is defined by “achieving an objective.” This involves developing the desire, and then maintaining it to achieve it.

Alexandrine sees performance as efficiency. This takes up Mary’s idea, namely to reach an objective, but above all to reach it within a given time. You must then be able to accept that you have made a mistake and be adaptable.

For Camille, Marie and Virginie, performance has no gender. For Alexandrine, performance is a group story, a story of synergy between different people, because a project is never the result of a single individual.

Career path and pride

Alexandrine expresses one regret: that it took too long to do things For her, in business, there is also a big luck factor. She cannot claim to be proud because she sees herself as a “lazy woman who was well surrounded”.

In business, there is also a big luck factor.

Alexandrine Breton

Mary would not change anything about her journey. For her the impossible does not exist. Some projects are difficult, but being enterprising in nature, it does not require any effort to achieve its goals, all this is done naturally.

Camille feels that she is “at the beginning” of her journey, so it is difficult to take enough distance to know if she has any regrets.

Virginia expresses no regrets, and if she had any, she would remedy them quickly enough to make them disappear. She is proud of her family life, and proud to be able to combine this with her professional life.

Marie, Camille and Virginie had one thing in common, the fact that they had difficulty saying that they were proud or not. They explained that it was their family and friends who told them”you can be proud of yourself.” Recognition then comes from others, but not necessarily from themselves.

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