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According to a study carried out by the firm Stimulus, which specializes in the field of well-being and health at work, a quarter of French employees experience a state of hyperstress that puts their health at risk. Faced with this worrying observation, experiencing caring at work seems essential in terms of QWL (quality of life at work) and could almost, let us be crazy, be a public health issue.

Caring at work: what is it?

caring at work

Indeed, in recent years the concept has been gaining momentum and the term is used in fields as varied as education, communication, or within management techniques. The function of hapiness officer is even perfectly integrated in some companies. Because if stress impacts the company’s performance, it is easy to assume that caring at work is a guarantee of productivity. The leitmotif of “happiness at work” inherited from the Anglo-Saxon world is obvious: it is easy to understand that an employee who feels good, listened to and fulfilled will be more effective than his colleague who goes to the office backwards every morning… What more can we say? In a community where there is a good understanding between employees, the risks of burn-out, depression or chronic stress are significantly lower.

A personal approach

While it is obviously a lever for the company’s performance, caring at work must not be reduced to a managerial or organizational concept. It is a commitment to oneself and to others. For this approach to be successful, it must be sincere and not systematically expect a return. Holding the door to a colleague who does not necessarily thank you, offering a coffee when you have one, not making gratitude a synonym for weakness: all these actions seem obvious but are quickly lost.

Thus, on a larger scale, the company, the COworking space, the meeting room are all ramps to launch sociability. A good working atmosphere will have an impact on everyone’s morale, which will take them home, on the street, on their place of sport, their place of worship… Beyond creating economic wealth, work has this mission, How essential it is to produce moral, spiritual and/or psychological wealth.

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