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Are you feeling a little worse? The SugAr free team gives you some tips on how to be a fit coworker!

A healthy mind in a healthy coworker

A healthy coworker means a healthy lifestyle! For this reason, be careful what you consume. First of all, we try to limit industrial sugar (white and red), and if possible we wipe it out altogether. To go gently, prefer better quality sugars such as coconut sugar, honey, agave syrup or whole sugar.

coworking healthy bordeaux

Then for your snacks, fruit and dried fruit are your friends! While paying attention to quantities, you can integrate these healthy and balanced foods as a snack.

Drink water, but not just a glass

As you know, you should drink water daily and in sufficient quantities. However, we see you coming with the famous “You have to drink 1.5 L of water a day”… Well, no, not really, to know how much water you should drink daily, multiply your weight in kg with 0.03 L. This will give you the amount of water you need to drink every day. For example, a person weighing 80kg should drink 2.4 L of water per day.

Choose a naturally bright space

bright workspace healthy coworker

Natural light increases your productivity, keeps you in shape, allows you to be less stressed and more focused. We told you about it in a previous article: https://www.sugarfree.fr/blog/qvt-lumiere-naturelle-productivite/

Choosing a bright workspace is fine, but with natural light it’s better!

Climbing stairs to stay in shape

coworker in shape stairs

Simple and healthy, taking the stairs is a good “cardio” exercise! So prefer them to elevators and escalators to be a fit coworker!

Become a fan of Stand up meeting

coworker in shape stand up

To stay on the theme of sport, how about doing your meetings standing up? We told you about the standing work recently in one of our articles: http://www.sugarfree.fr/blog/travailler-debout/

Get some fresh air and take breaks

It is very difficult to be productive and focused over a long period of time. Think about getting some fresh air and taking breaks to get even more concentrated and increase productivity!

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