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Since the so-called “Labour Law” of 8 August 2016 in France, a right to disconnection is theoretically applicable to all employees. In practice, it’s more complicated than that.

The right to disconnect among teleworkers

A report by Bruno METTLING, commissioned by the Ministry of Labour, reveals that “95% of teleworkers see an improvement in their quality of life, but at the same time 61% feel an increase in working time”. In the digital age, which has never dreamed of emancipating itself from all this virtual intrusion: e-mail, late SMS, instant messages… Indeed, the nomadic worker has multiple means of communication, which represents a real opportunity but the other side of the coin is just as harmful. The hidden side of the ultra-connection has a name: burnout, a state of intense fatigue and great distress caused by stress at work.

Health or money? Should we choose?

However, European directives and national legislation attempt to establish safeguards: minimum rest periods and maximum working hours, mechanisms to regulate the use of digital tools, etc. In practice, it is difficult to monitor their proper application on a daily basis, especially for managers, who are subject to autonomy linked to their responsibilities.

On our scale: how can we envisage a limitation between the professional sphere and our private life?

Option 1: go to the country to Granny’s every weekend, where 4G rhymes with pub – with – Roger.

Option 2: Turn off cell phones, computers, at the risk of missing a party with friends.

A final option chosen by an employee proved to be radically effective: claiming financial compensation because he had to “remain permanently available using his mobile phone to meet any needs and be ready to intervene”. Thus, in a judgment of 12 July 2018, France’s highest court recalled the obligation of a company to compensate its employees, who were forced to remain available. We chose, it’s coffee with Roger!

We chose, it’s coffee with Roger!

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