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Natural light at work is one of the main comforts your workstation can offer you and is one of the most sought-after features in workspaces. However, many offices are not very bright or on the contrary very bright but only with the help of aggressive neon lights placed everywhere. It has been proven that natural light has a real impact on your work, especially on your productivity!

Natural light makes you more productive at work

Summarizing the benefits of natural light to its impact on your eyesight would be too simplistic! Indeed, natural light is much more important than that in your daily life. First of all, natural light will limit your fatigue by helping you spend better nights and giving you energy during the day.

As for your nights, exposure to natural light during the day helps to keep your internal clock in balance, as it has a significant impact on your circadian cycle that directs your waking, sleeping and activity phases in your days. By being exposed to natural light you will improve your sleep capacity and the quality of your sleep.

We all experience minor fatigue in our working days, and one of the remedies is exposure to natural light because even in small doses the sun’s rays make us secrete vitamin D, a source of energy for our body. As proof, one of the advice we give to a person who does not want to suffer from a jet-lag is to expose himself to natural light.

By sleeping better you are therefore less tired and more productive but that’s not all. By having access to a window in your workspace you will reduce your stress level thanks to the view you will have on the outside (it also depends on the view you obviously have). If you feel close to nature or any environment that gives you a sense of well-being and satisfaction, your work environment will inevitably have a positive impact on your productivity. Your concentration also benefits from an improvement thanks to natural light because it would allow you to obtain a faithful rendering of the colors that surround you.

In short, if you have natural light in your workspace, you will sleep better, be less tired, less stressed and more focused. All this would represent a productivity gain of 8% on average according to the Human Spaces study.




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